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AWS Jason Dill With Keith Haring Design Collab II

Size: 8" Print: Top & Bottom Graphics
About Alien Workshop Alien Workshop was founded in 1990 with the concept of creating a different type of skateboard company. From inception, AWS’s approach has always been to operate on it’s own terms without following others, and draw on it’s Ohio location to a inspire and influence it’s style and personality. This same vision continues today operating out of a de-commissioned nuclear bunker facility near Dayton, OH. It stands as an icon of creative influence in the skateboard world and strives to push forward the original concept of creative output combined with incredibly talented and individualistic team riders. The new young breed of Workshop team includes Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Max Garson, Paul Liliani and Brandon Nguyen. After 25+ years, AWS continues to produce innovative skateboards, accessories, videos and art with the same creative, unique passion and drive as the day it was founded.
RM250.00 RM165.00
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RE-ISSUE TM Templeton Cat Deck 8.75″

About Toy Machine The proof of our domination is in our products and anyone who beholds them will surely become a Loyal Pawn at the mercy of the Mother Corporation Toy machine becoming one of our many minion ready to lay down their life and especially their money in the service of Toy Machine. The ideas represented within Toy Machine are at full strength and should be consumed with caution for those with weak brains, we prefer only those of sound mind to partake in the drug that is Toy Machine and further more skateboarding, for freebasing these powerful drugs can lead to a lifetime of addiction which will hinder ones abilities to function in normal society, warping your mind in a way that will leave you scarred in all the best ways possible and leaving it impossible to see the world in the same way ever again. These machines destroy the past and help you become the dominant force you should be looking ahead into the future.
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