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RE-ISSUE Santa Cruz Old School Salba Witch Doctor Anniversary Re-Issue Deck

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RE-ISSUE POWELL PERALTA Caballero “Ban This Dragon” Skateboard Deck Bones Brigade RED #10

POWELL PERALTA "Ban This Dragon" Steve "Cab" Caballero Pro Model 10.47" x 31" RED Dipped Finish Series #10 (March '18). New in Bag with Inserts (numbered), Reissue, Made in USA, Ltd Edition of 2000 Worldwide. 

This is one of the 10th series of the Bones Brigade reissue decks. Unlike most of the 80's Powell graphics this one was not designed by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ). For this later 80s Cab board Sean Cliver had taken over the job but had kept it looking very VCJ in style. This is the 1st time this board has been reissued by Powell in it's original shape/concave - they have done the same graphic on a modern pool shape but never the correct 80s shape. Medium depth concave, shortish almost flat nose & a steep full sized squared tail kick. Drilled with old skool truck holes so you can fit your OG 1980s trucks to it if you wish - most wide modern trucks come with both old and new skool hole baseplates so those will fit too.

Note : The top graphic on this one is the classic dragon in gold print.  Looks great against the red paint.


100% Canadian Maple

Medium concave Profile : Single Kick
10.47" x 31.0"
4.5" nose (Almost Flat- slight spoon)*
6.5" tail*
15.0" wheelbase (inside to inside holes) Old Skool pattern truck Holes
Width over front truck : 9.5"
Width over rear truck : 8.625"
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K. Anderson SILO Deck 7.5″

About Chocolate One year after the birth of Girl Skateboards, the need to get more of their homies in the van for tours and on board with the family, Chocolate skateboards rose to prominence in 1994. Headed by Chico Brenes, Chocolate has always been stacked with your favorite skater’s favorite skaters and one of the most stylish and creative teams around. In recent years, with the arrival of Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu, as well as the rise of the Trunk Boyz, chocolate’s lineup is stacked with all-terrain destroyers and ledge/flatground technicians, making it a perennial favorite company.
RM230.00 RM130.00
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