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DB Single Speed V2 9.5″ x 40″/WB 28″ Complete WITH TRACKER TRUCKS & CLOUD RIDE! SLIDE WHEELS

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What can i say about this board... am proud of this board not just because it's a local brand but the board is just good for flatland skim and for beginners learning for this first time. The pop on this board is good too. The only downer about this board is that it only comes in 1 size.
RM180.00 RM100.00
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Lucky riser green 0.125" - RM16.00 Lucky riser black 0.125" - RM16.00 Blank riser clear & soft 0.125" - RM15.00 Blank riser black soft 0.25" - RM15.00
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Zap Logo Tee Black

Colour - Black Size - M & L
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Exile Royal E Tee

Size - M WE ARE EXILE SKIMBOARDS. X WE MAKE YOU GO FAST. Through a combination of quality customer service and attention to detail, Exile has become one of the most popular skimboard brands in the world. Our skimboards have earned a reputation for strength, durability and performance that is unsurpassed. Take a look around our website and find out for yourself why Exile is the fastest growing skimboard company in history.
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Toy Machine Wheels 51mm

About Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine has been building their reputation and acquiring a loyal fan base for over twenty years. The company, founded by Ed Templeton, is owned under distribution company Tum Yeto. Toy Machine is widely known for its alien-like graphics designed by Templeton. The company is a strong leader in the skateboard industry, and they show no signs of slowing down! Toy Machine skateboard decks are made of strong 7 ply maple. There are so many different deck graphics to choose from that it’s hard to settle on just one! Their decks feature aliens, goofy faces, and closeups of cartoon eyes. Customize your ride with a set of Toy Machine skateboard wheels. Their high performance wheels allow you to skate harder than ever before! For a faster ride, choose Toy Machine skateboard bearings. Stored in an alien-shaped case, their bearings are made of quality materials that improve the way you board. Want to avoid the hassle of putting a board together? Check out their collection of Toy Machine skateboard completes! Their pre-assembled boards come equipped with a deck, trucks, and wheels. If you’re ready to take your boarding to the next level, then try out Toy Machine skateboard wax. This wax can be applied to railings and curbs, giving you control while trying out new tricks! If you cannot get enough of this brand, then show your loyalty with Toy Machine apparel! Featuring their alien graphics, Toy Machine skateboard t-shirts are sure to turn heads! Stay warm on cooler days with Toy Machine skateboard sweatshirts. Keep your feet protected with Toy Machine skateboard socks. Their alien themed crew socks can be worn high or hidden low. Complete your look with Toy Machine skateboard beanies and hats. With a mesh backing, Toy Machine skateboard hats will keep your head cool while cruising. From skate equipment to fun clothing, Toy Machine is one of the world’s most sought after skateboard brands. Separate yourself from the rest and choose Toy Machine for all your skateboarding needs!
RM160.00 RM70.00
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Zap Triwave Tee Cream

Colour - Cream Size - M & L
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Bear Grizzly 852/181mm Truck Black

About Bear Trucks Bear Truck Co is no stranger to the realm of reverse kingpin trucks for the downhill bomber crowd and has made quite a name for themselves in the community. Precision and perfection is their game and their research and development team is constantly at work trying to better their product by making it stronger and lighter than anything that has come before it. By working in conjuction with the killer team at Landyachtz longboards, they are able to put their product to the test with some of the best riders around the globe.
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