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Complete Skateboard Reb Black Stripes 7.75″

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Pig Rails White

A) For a smoother board slide B) No more wax needed C) Protects your deck graphic D) Better grip for grabs
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AWS Mike Taylor with Keith Harring Collab Design 8″

About Alien Workshop Alien Workshop was founded in 1990 with the concept of creating a different type of skateboard company. From inception, AWS’s approach has always been to operate on it’s own terms without following others, and draw on it’s Ohio location to a inspire and influence it’s style and personality. This same vision continues today operating out of a de-commissioned nuclear bunker facility near Dayton, OH. It stands as an icon of creative influence in the skateboard world and strives to push forward the original concept of creative output combined with incredibly talented and individualistic team riders. The new young breed of Workshop team includes Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Max Garson, Paul Liliani and Brandon Nguyen. After 25+ years, AWS continues to produce innovative skateboards, accessories, videos and art with the same creative, unique passion and drive as the day it was founded.
RM250.00 RM165.00
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BL Matt Hensley Wingtips Deck 8.75″

About Black Label Black Label Skateboards is a manufacturer of skateboards, wheels, and similar products. The company was started in 1988 by 80’s pro, artist, current owner, and life long skateboarder John Lucero. In the past 20 some odd years, Black label has represented some of the best skateboarders the likes of John Cardiel, Gino Iannucci, Jason Adams, Matt Hensley, Salman Agah, Wade Speyer, Ragdoll, Duane Peters, Jeff Grosso, Mike Vallely, the list goes on and on. As a brand, Black label hasn’t lost sight of what is real and what it wants to be in skateboarding. “Never be bought, never be sold”
RM320.00 RM290.00
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K. Anderson Pop Art Deck 7.5″

About Chocolate One year after the birth of Girl Skateboards, the need to get more of their homies in the van for tours and on board with the family, Chocolate skateboards rose to prominence in 1994. Headed by Chico Brenes, Chocolate has always been stacked with your favorite skater’s favorite skaters and one of the most stylish and creative teams around. In recent years, with the arrival of Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu, as well as the rise of the Trunk Boyz, chocolate’s lineup is stacked with all-terrain destroyers and ledge/flatground technicians, making it a perennial favorite company.
RM230.00 RM150.00
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Complete Skateboard Green Black Stripes 7.75”

Canadian Moose deck 7.75”, red flavor trucks, shake junt bearings, black widow grip tape,  gran skate park wheels
RM380.00 RM360.00
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