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DB Bear Green Complete

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G&S was founded by Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith in the 1950s. Originally a surfboard company, Gordon and Smith agreed to expand into skateboarding products in the 1970s. G&S manufactured the first foam core skateboards for the market in 1975. As skateboarding exploded in popularity and became mainstream, G&S sold 500 Fibreflex skateboards per day with six months worth of back orders. G&S is no one-hit wonder, however--these overnight sensations continue to be a driving force to this day! With strong roots in the San Diego skate and surf scene, G&S has turned their attention to designing longboards that are fun and built to last! Are you passionate about longboarding or interested in trying? Look no further than G&S longboard decks! With wood cores of Aspen and Mahogany sandwiched between layers of fiberglass, their Fibreflex decks are a favorite among pros around the world. Even skaters that rode on their models back in the 70s still choose G&S to this day. These longboard decks are lightweight, extremely flexible, and very responsive. They can withstand the toughest abuse and ride smoothly over any surface. They’re not the longest longboards in the market, which makes them easy to carry around. G&S decks also have an adjustable base to move your skateboard trucks and to increase or decrease the flexibility. You are going to love the balance and control you have on these decks, whether you’re cruising downhill or cutting tight turns. Make G&S your brand and watch your riding reach new levels! When it comes to longboarding, G&S is on a mission to help you succeed. You won’t be disappointed with their unrivaled longboard decks!
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Bear Grizzly 840/181mm Truck Black

About Bear Trucks Bear Truck Co is no stranger to the realm of reverse kingpin trucks for the downhill bomber crowd and has made quite a name for themselves in the community. Precision and perfection is their game and their research and development team is constantly at work trying to better their product by making it stronger and lighter than anything that has come before it. By working in conjuction with the killer team at Landyachtz longboards, they are able to put their product to the test with some of the best riders around the globe.
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Venom Bushing Red 90A

Double cone head
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Venom Bushing Orange 81A

Single cone head
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The Gravity Drifter longboard skateboard wheels are a good wheel for those of us interested in getting the most bang for our buck. Because these wheels are side set, the 70mm Gravity Drifter longboard wheel will fit on a drop through longboard skateboard like the Gravity Makai or Kalai as well as on a top mount cruiser such as the Gravity Spoon Nose. If wheelbite has been a problem in the past, these wheels are the solution to your problems. Word on the streets is that these wheels make a great freeride wheel, too! Inexpensive, grippy, and smooth, these wheels will definitely put a smile on your face.
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Bustin Boards Longboards WE Are You. Bustin Boards is a grassroots longboard company designed by skaters and run by skaters. Since 2001, our mission has been to develop the most advanced longboards and skateboards on the planet and offer friendly, personal service through our website and Brooklyn Flagship store - 154 Grand Street Brooklyn, New York 11249
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