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Sector 9 Race Formula 70mm 80a Wheels
Sector 9 Race Formula 70mm 80a Wheels

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After 6 long years, we are now revamping Skim Shack's website but it is still under construction. What you are seeing is still the old version. Once ready, we will upload the new version soon. So please bear with us for a little longer. 


Our New Store:

After 6 long years, finally we are no longer just an online store. We actually have a physical store at Prima Tanjung 1st floor opposite the food court.

Come visit us.


The Comp:

From left to right: Jet- tshen, SS Teo, Ben Teo, Jet Shon, Dzul Hakim & Dedo

Group photo. What an event!!!


29 years and below category:

1st - Fuad Omar
2nd - Muhd Yusri
3rd - Nizam Kamaruddin 
4th - Mohd Zaris Hakimi

30 years and above category:

1st - Ben Teo (Singapore)
2nd - Jet Shon
3rd - Dzulhasymi Hakim
4th - Are-mad Dedo


Best trick:
mohd zaris hakimi






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